the family

the family

Thursday, July 16, 2009

trying to update

yikes i hadnt imagined it would be so long since i last updated on here. i have ment to update many times and something either comes up or i have writers block. sigh. sadly i still kinda have the writers block but its time to update....

june 1st dad came home for r&r from korea, that was a wonderful nearly 3 weeks. the boys had a blast with dad being home, they played and we went to austin's park where the kids ate pizza, rode gokarts,bumper boats, and played lazer tag.we went to see wolverine with the boys, and we hit IKEA a couple times as well, got lots of cool stuff for the house. their items are super cute:) while dad was home Zach SAT up for the very first time on his own!!! we were so happy. since then he has been sitting on his own constantly, he is able to laydown and sit up all on his own, this is such a huge moment....they say if a child can sit on his/her own before 2 years of age they will most likely walk!!!! well zach did this around 19 months! GO ZACH!!! Harold returned to korea on the 19th and about a week or so later zach said MOMMA!!!! his very first word! im so so so excited. about a week later he said NO, too stinkin cute. we are so incredibly blessed!

this past monday zach had a pulmonology appointment where he did wonderful! we have continued weaning on his lasix and now his potassium and sodium!!!!! yippie yippie. zach has lost a little weight...26lbs 15 ounces, but im sure its due to him being more mobil now. no one was concerned. zach took his oxygen off last week while sleeping and we monitored him for 30 minutes, his saturations remained 94 and above the whole time, even hitting 100, showing he was able to maintain his oxygenation without the supplemental oxygen!!!! today he did even better.....he made it 1 hour and 15 minutes while asleep and his sats were 98 the whole time!! im telling ya he amazes me more and more each day.

today i had to take mikey to see the developmentalist again, we are tinkering with the meds trying to improve his behavior and getting forms for insurance filled out stating that he does has high functioning autism and that the doctor does want him to hopefully get into ABA therapy, so once the form is completed and i get another form done then i will wait to hear back to determin his elgibility. sadly its looking like i will be doing the same steps for chance, i left the papers with the doc for chance too, and we will see what he decides to do. im exhusted with them, i love them to pieces but they surely wear me down. chance constantly kicks, hits and punches me, and has started licking my arms all the time, he always is seeking out sensory imput, crashing into things, jumping off things, he mimicks words and will repeat the words over and over for a very long time, he has also begun to make noises with his mouth, over and over again. all of this may sound silly, but try being in public with him doing these things over and over and not listening to you and people staring in disgust, and while he is doing this, mikey is having a meltdown because chance is too close to him, or annoying him with the noise, so then they are screaming and fighting on top of everything else. its all day, i havent found a trigger yet, so i dont know how to stop it. exhusted is all i can say. speaking of exhusted, we no longer have night nursing thru insurance, zach is doing to well to qualify for it, so though its a good thing, it sux. but id still rather have him doing better than being back sick.

we have about...13 weeks left of this deployment, thats about 91 days. im so tired of the seperation. i want him home to help, to spend time with, to share a life with. and i have already been told sometime after he gets home he will leave again for 2 months for a school i think the school is in s.carolina....blah. oh well, what can i do right?

school will be back in session in about 4 weeks, wow, i still have a lot to do before then. ive begun to get school supplies and socks and underware, i still have a lot to get though. school uniforms for two, lunch boxes, shoes, backpacks and more...for two this year! chance will be going to pre-k at mikeys school, and mikey will be in 2nd grade! wow time flies. well im off to make a grocery list for tomorrow...yippie...not.


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