the family

the family

Monday, August 23, 2010

back to school

Well today was loooonnng
Didn't help I didn't go to bed till 430am and woke up at 740....yuck! We had therapy at the temple mall
.zach got to walk around and play on some equipment. After there we went to see the psychologist and to the pharmacy we made it home about lunch time. I spent about 2 hours with boys doing social studied, and creation (science ). Then they did some math and art. Hubs had to work way late, he got in about I hate those long nights.

I made the call today to talk to my Dr about the lapband, i think he should be on board with the idea, he mentioned it to me not too long ago, but I hadn't researched it. Yet.

So tomorrow I'm going to go do my lab work for the fainting last week, run by a pharmacy, then were going to work more on science, social studies and some reading, I have a new book I think the boys will love. I'm off to bed....exhausted. night

insomnia sucks

Well its 210am and why am I up? Kid r all asleep but my brain wont shut off to let me sleep sigh. I've had a pretty low-key weekend, hubs worked most of it, but luckily someone called them on their dumb stuff and like magic they were released at 3 today. Seems they didn't go thru proper channels to have them work the weekend...idiots! I've spent alot of the weekend researching. Guess that's why my brain is still going strong tonight. I researched tons of blogs and articles on homeschooling getting ideas, advice, know how ,did lots of research on healthy meal ideas. And last but not least research for a subject I've thought of on and off awhile, I had kinda written the notion. Off but then a dear friend of mine brought it up as something she is pursuing, I'm going to make an appointment to talk about weightloss surgery...more so lapband. I've searched and searched and read about the bypass that is a bit to radical for me. The gastric sleeve, the one my friend is doing and the band. The later two are the ones I want to know more of. Its always scary going into surgery. But I think this is something I need to consider hard, diets haven't worked I've tried Atkins, southbeavh, alli pills, herbs, citrus and hotsauce diets, gym, I've given up sodas completely for 6 weeks now and no change. Vitamin b shots worked while I was taking the, then I gained it back plus some...something has to give. So I'm gonna embark on a new journey. And hope for the best.

In just a couple hours we will be taking zach to the temple mall for therapy. Letting. Him walk there and then we will head over for his psychologist appointment and pick up his viagra. I need sleep....brain needs to rest.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


well i started to title this "happy saturday" but quite frankly im not sure it is....its just saturday. hubs is at work, his half day has turned into a whole day. boo. the boys didnt sleep at all last night, they were up the whole freakin night. sigh, can you say cranky? yep for sure. took them to a special needs respite care thing, let them play and have fun and hopefully wear themselves out! i have to leave in a lil bit to get them. the killeen community center is having a big kids day today, for back to school, petting zoo, bounce houses and whatnot, i had planned to take them, but that will depend on if they can handle it, otherwise its an early night for them. woke up super early and trained a new nurse at 7am. ugh...7am on a saturday! eeewwww. zach seems to really like her, he has been showing off all day, he just started today standing up on his own, without pulling on anything and walking...not just in his comfort zone (living room) he is walking everywhere!!! sqqquuueeealll!!! his new favorite place is the bathroom....he loves the bathtub! we closed the door last night and he STILL got in, twice, so i assume he is opening doors now???? and the nurse said he turned his tv on in his room today.....WHEN DID THIS START HAPPENING??? holy moly, everything in zach's time. silly boy.
with the boys being gone for the few hours today i did get to relax a bit,got to go to hobby lobby for things to make a premade scrapbooking layout for a group meeting this coming week, looking forward to attending, we should have a nurse here who doesnt mind if the boys stay with her for a bit, makes things easier:) and ran thru the starbucks drive thru.
well its time to head out and get the boys.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wooden toys making a comeback!

we have recently discovered melissa and doug toys and LOVE them. i love that they are durable, long lasting and allow lots of imaginative play! we love the food sets! the holidays are coming up and wouldnt it be great to get a headstart on the gift buying? check out my shop on and look for some awesome toys.
the sushi slicing playset is sure to be a big hit!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


sometimes you gotta sit back and wonder what the hell, in the end there isnt anything that can be done, doesnt matter if its right or wrong. i know things will work out as they should and all you can do is be positive, negative thinking leads to negative actions, and i refuse. im blessed with a wonderful family, and wonderful friends and supporters online.

on a lighter note were getting ready for school, not the same way as others, but still i have bought the needed supplies and gottan print offs and new workbooks for the boys. found some new cute and easily do-able crafts for the boys for art time, and im happy to say im excited.

Zach is doing well, we wont have results from san antonio for a couple more weeks, but thats okay, again thats something i cant do anything about, but i have trust in the terrific team and know they will have the right solutions for him, very greatful they are doing so much research...whatever they choose will be a custom choice and not a one size fits all. :) gotta love it since NOTHING for zach is one size fits all:)

hard to believe christmas is only a few months away, ive been lucky to find a few really good deals and already gottan some things for the boys:)

working on more organazation here at home, less clutter and maddness, that will reduce the stress and negative thoughts. simple items bring so much joy.


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