the family

the family

Saturday, October 24, 2009

memory lane

hey Zach i just wanted to sit here and reminiss with you for a bit. 2 years ago today i had a non-stress test, i had been having them 2x week for you, i didnt mind too much though, i got to check on you and i always got a small ultrasound after too, many of those times we got to take home pictures of you. the radiologist who we usually saw would even get us a glimps of you in sure were a cutie(still are)...but on this appointment i was having many contractions, none apparently were of concern, but i did mention it to the dr i saw, i didnt care for the doctor, she didnt listen to me, she didnt understand the pain id been having in my back and hips for the last couple days, i asked her what would happen if you came early and we werent in houston yet....she told me "you still have 7 weeks, but im sure we could handle that situation" i left from her office to the immunizations mission was to get a flu shot, i knew i needed it, i knew i needed it before you came here.

it would only be about 4 hours after that appointment when your daddy took me to labor and delivery to get checked out. this is where the rollercoaster really started. i was in labor....7 weeks 1 day early, at the local hospital...not in houston at texas childrens. i recieved medication to try to slow labor, but it was no use, you had a plan. the doctors scrambled in to get things ready we HAD to go...if we stayed you would have virtually no chance at all.....if we left we had risks...they informed me that being in the helicopter had its own risks...having had previous c-sections there was a risk of placental abruption...this could lead to your death as well as mine possibly. there was also NO room to deliver you if labor progressed in the helicopter. what choice did i have? we signed the release forms and i kissed your brothers and your daddy goodbye and headed to houston. daddy got things squared away here at home as best he could in such short notice and he headed up to houston. by morning Dr. Carpenter had made his decision after having an amnio and finding maternal blood in your fluid...placental abruption had begun, it was time to get you OUT and let you show us what you could do.

two years ago today was my last day being pregnant with you, was my last day of knowing you were okay,. you were long as you stayed inside you didnt need your lungs to breathe, you didnt need to be hooked to a vent. 2 years ago today lil guy you showed us all how things will be done in ZACH time.

so hard to believe you will be 2 TOMORROW! your amazing Zach! we love you so much, and cant imagine life without you. were so blessed that you are so strong and such a fighter. were so Blessed God has blessed us with you, my lil zachy-poo.

Friday, October 2, 2009

fall time

well there has been alot to update on since the last update.....Harold is HOME! he had many delays but did finally come home Saturday the 26th of sept. its been a crazy week adjusting to new routines and trying to establish each others "roles" in the family, but were ironing out the few creases and i think it should go smoothly.

right before Harold came home Zach was put back on antibiotics for tonsilitis, his poor throat was COVERED in pus! yuck! luckily after about 24-48 hours of the med he was back to himself. he is such a trooper and so amazing!

Since Dad has been home zach has been up to many NEW things, he ate 2 goldfish today, they were crushed up, but he ate them:) he dipped his face into his bath water to lick it:) he dipped his hand in the bath and licked it, he licked dad's shirt, the couch and tried to lick one of his toys. he is slowly begining to show signs of crawling, he moves one knee at a time and is slowly getting there, but slow and steady wins the race. he has been spending more time in his baby walker and is now manuevering it back and forth!!! yippie:) we have also discovered that zach hits himself in his head alot to express a need/want...for instance if he is in a chair or stroller and starts, we can say "you want OUT" and he will smile and kick, if he is laying on the floor sometimes its due to a dirty diaper, or wanting to be picked up. finally WE are able to understand a lil...poor guy im sure he was fusterated with us not knowing what he was trying to say.

Micheal and Chance both had parent teacher confrences the other day, micheal's was the worse of the two, his IEP doesnt appear to be in use at all, his teacher even asked me how we decided part of it in the ARD meeting, so obviously that means its not being implemented, or she isnt doing it correctly, then came time to look at his work...apparently math is done in the mornings, and his math book was barely used, she actually asked mikey what he does during math thought was "WHAT do YOU SEE him doing at math time?" ugh. Chance's meeting went better, basically we were told what we know, he is above his peers, he knows numbers to at least 100, all abc's, all colors, all shapes except rectangle confused him, and the letters q and g confused him. she is wanting to try to get him more advanced work. he is a "crasher" and i figured that would be a issue, he does this at home with us, and apparently its a "normal" thing for kiddos with sensory issues, he is trying to "figure out where he is in space" and crashing into things helps him with that. the problem with that in school is, he is disrupting the class, he is bumping into kids, and basically causing CHAOS!

so after a lot of thought, and talk with Harold we have decided to homeschool Mikey, im on the fence with chance....though im thinking it would make more sence to just do them both...they could help each other and kinda keep things more organized that way. so ive gottan a few small workbooks, some good websites, advice from some people and some printouts and we will be starting this probably in the next couple weeks. i have to keep reminding myself its for them, to help with the learning....i personally sure do like my alone time for a bit in the day, but this will be better for them, and maybe i can figure out a way to have a bit of quiet time too.

well im off to bed:) night


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