the family

the family

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Its been a long week already and its only Wednesday! Our nurse Tuesday called out and hubs had field time, so he left at 4am and didn't get home till about 6pm, it was a long day, but we made it, took the boys to the park, everyone enjoyed it, zach did lots of walking around, still can't get over how well he is walking! Last week we got some super good news for zman! Our pulmonary doc agreed he could come OFF. Oxygen during the day if his saturation levels stay above 90% his lowest has been about 92-93%! Again I'm just in amazement!

Hubs has had a bit of badluck lately, hurt his foot by falling off a genorator and yesterday in field he dehydrated and needed 3 IV bags....poor Guy. Today seems better though.

I found a co-op group thanks to our fabulous developmental therapist, they are full this semester but I'm planning on joining next semester, they off tons of classes for things such as gardening, grossology....all things gross. Algebra, speech and debate, to events like track, music,soccer etc.

October 13th I will go see the dietician its the next step on my list for upcoming changes. Ready to get it behind me already. Tomorrow we have therapy for all the boys, occupational .. so I better get to bed soon ..........

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The last couple days we have bummed around the house....a good thing since Were always on the go, you would think, but I've actually put myself in a funk...and our wonderful down pouring rain today didn't help any. Sigh. The boys have been really good and doing school work so well, I can't compain. We have nearly gottan half way thru our life source lessons for the year...gulp you heard me right, guess we will be finding more to continue on with soon.thinking of taking the boys to see Thomas the train, yea a little young for M but C will have a blast and there will be other things for M to do. We will see how things go.

Time to start planning my lil mans 3rd birthday! So hard to believe he will be 3 in just over a month. Its also time to plan the boys Halloween ...figure if I start soon I wont overwhelm myself.

Hopefully getting out tomorrow running errands will help my funk. I need sunshine for sure but the grass needs this rain!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

holiday planning

Time is ticking, Christmas is only 113 days away! You know what that means? Halloween and Thanksgiving are even closer! The past few halloween's haven't been much, 2007 zach was 5 days old having his first surgery, 2008 Harold was in Korea and zach was still really fragile so the boys dressed up and played at home. 2009 we did take the boys on a small outing scavenging for candy. I'd like to have a big celebration this year now whose to say if ill get my wish, I'm looking around for ideas for the boys to go as a theme of some sort.

Now lets talk Thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for, and hopefully by that time I wont be able to consume all those calories (meaning hopefully I'll have had surgery) still looking forward to having the big meal, just will need lots of people to help eat.......haha.

December is my favorite month of the year, I looooooovee it, the spirit the decorations the giving...I can't wait. Santa has been working a lil here and there already, don't planing going overboard this year but we will see if I can contain. My excitement. I love the wrapping, the tree, the smiles and laughter.

Time to start planning if you haven't already!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


wow it seems like it was just march! and now its is all i can think. we have been back in school for about a week now, so far so good, this year has already started out more information heavy than last, but this year i started homeschooling from the begining, and that makes a difference. the boys spend about 20 min. on each of the, bible lessons, and history in the morning (yes bible lessons are in our school) and then we do an activity or read a book and do some math and english work, the boys also have the spelling program on the computer they still use. im on the hunt for some art things for them, but if nothing else, some finger paint and other objects used to paint with will make for a fun day.
the boys havent had therapy in 2 weeks, their therapist was on vacation....oh how we have missed her! tomorrow they go back...wahoo!!! hoping therapy wears em out and i can accomplish some grocery shopping.
my lab work showed me being anemic...duh im always anemic! but for the upcoming elective surgery im thinking of having, pending approval all around, i need to test not anemic, so im taking my iron pills and hoping that fixes the issue. i will go see my dr in about 3 weeks and retest and hopefully then i will get the approval for the appointment to see the surgeon.

zach has really taken off walking, its awesome to see, he loves it too you can see his pride shining out! its great!! i cant wait for some of his doctors to see him!


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