the family

the family

Friday, January 15, 2010

leave it to the army,

DH is just a few days away from leaving for BNOC in Georgia, he will be gone for just under 2 months, we knew this was coming but it still stinks! he will miss Chance's 5th birthday, he already missed his 4th, he will make it home in time to do a combo birthday party for mikey and chance, so it wont be the end of the world, but it still sucks. however the part that made my heart hurt was what he told me yesterday, apparently sometime in the summer the unit he is in has discovered they will be "top readiness" basically if anything happends in the world they will be some of the first to go, luckily in our wonderful world NOTHING ever happends {rolling eyes} so im expecting he will be gone pretty much from the get go in the summer, thru probably sept, they are suppose to deploy still at the end of the year, so this year should be fun. sigh. just venting a bit

Sunday, January 3, 2010

so far so good

well ive been doing alot of thinking about the resolutions i made, and i know many of these just get tossed aside normally, but i really dont want them to, so im doing everything i can to keep these going strong.

for 1 i bought at kohls, the awesome shark steamer pocket, this thing rocks! it steam cleans all sorts of things, sinks, mirrors, stove, cabinets, deoderizes and kills bedbugs in the beds and couch, it also sanitizes the things we clean with it and releases wrinkles from does ALL of this with water...well steam...but NO chemicals!

today i gave up sodas, i dont feel the need to pick one up, so hopefully it stays that way, not only will this help(i hope) with weight loss, but it will also help keep my immune system stronger, and help me stay healthier, the chemicals in sodas, its awful! so day 1 with no sodas, im trying to maintain a challange going on right now about eating from the pantry, i did need to buy lots of produce and things to help with the new eating habits, but i do want to try to eat much of our old stuff from the freezer and pantry instead of wasting this month. once this challange is complete i plan on eating much less processed foods, eating more homemade items. id like to do more freezer cooking, where i cook meals ahead of time so that they are "like" frozen meals.

needless to say i have many goals for me and the family this year, we will be healthier and happier and hopefully more green and more frugal.


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