the family

the family

Friday, February 18, 2011

tax monies

yup its that time of year, and im uber excited!!

this tax time we are going to pay off ALL our credit cards, yea!!!! were also going to put some into savings as a cushion since dh is getting into the civillian world. im planning on purchasing some soaps, vitamins, and toothpastes from vitacost for a year supply (did this last tax time too) and starting a garden! yup a garden from mainly seeds, in containers mainly. im looking at getting herloim seeds, non of that genetically motified crap!

i cant tell you how excited i am for all of the above things! to be debt free other than our house and car payments and normal monthly bills!! (recently cut out cable down by $30 and our internet by $20!)

to be able to save money by growing our own food...thats super cool, healthy and thrifty! im digging it:) (pun intended)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

master cleanse

okay well i bought 30 lemons....yup 30 friggen lemons. thats about 5 days worth for the master cleanse diet, im hoping to start this before the weekend, im ready to detox and feel better, have more energy and possibly loose some weight. id love to do the diet for 30days but i dont want to commit just yet, i know i posted about the cinch diet, well i stopped after 2 days, returned book and lost 12bucks on it when i sold it back to the store, boo. soooo i dont want to commit a full month, but id like to.

im also planning on purchasing some vitamin b12 and getting some more energy, i may even do the shots again, im not sure. stay tuned for information and updates on the cleanse....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


soooo the davis household has been under a bit of stress, between dh getting his allergy testing, his sleep study, and tons of blood drawn for various tests, then getting zach to all his special appointments, getting new braces for his feet, getting the boys to their therapies and development appointments, and just trying to get thru the day with not a single friend asking if things are okay or saying hi, or wanting to hang out (see last post) i just feel alone at times. sometimes i cant fit in anywhere, not with special needs moms, not with stay at home moms, not with military moms, not with homeschooling moms or natural living moms, i cant just be "one" of those, im all of them and because of that i feel left out of groups, left behind from friends.blah.

waiting on answers from all of dh's tests. hopefully we will hear something soon. dh is also getting out of the army, he has been in 11 years, and its a bit of a shell shock to say the least, so thats more stress added. im just kinda unwinding here, im sure im the only one who reads it anyway. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my give a damns busted

okay warning here, if you dont want to hear some bitching, dont read.....there i warned you.

well ive been thinking alot and feeling rejected, thats not a good combo.

i have 3 IRL friends that im feeling rather rejected from, for instance, even after i tell them something they "know nothing" , and will totally forget what i said or asked, this has happend several times. or, on facebook one will ask for suggestions or ideas on something, ill suggest something and get totally blown off, but if someone else mentions the same damn thing suddenly she thinks its great, i mean really WTF? im not a stupid person, and typically any suggestions i have are tried and true, i dont get it. and that in itself isnt everything. i send messages to my friends, via text, or facebook or whatever and get zip responce.....i mean really its too hard to fucking respond? sometimes its just a "hope you have a good day" they cant type a "you too" so i guess that means they dont give a fuck?? and if they dont why should i? why should i put myself out there over and over?

oh but have no fear, if they need/want something i get texts and emails that i wanna say fuck off, but i try to be the good friend. really i do. i try to go out of my way to pick them up stuff if they need, to mail them things, to remember their birthdays and important days, to let them know im here, and i get squat! i swear sometimes i love my online friends so much more. i just dont get it. maybe the IRL friends are busy? maybe they are at the stage where its kinda like being taken for granted? i dunno. i guess it shouldnt bother me so much, but it does. rejection is never a easy thing.

i mean come on people, if your my friend its because i value you, i love you does it really hurt to spend a minute or two once a week or every other week to simply say hi and ask how things are going?

Friday, February 4, 2011

sleep study

its a friday night, im alone....booo. dh is at the VA hospital doing his sleep study to check for sleep apnea. im not sure how long it will take before we get the results.
dh has to go to the doc 3 times next week, for his allergy issues and his hives and itching. its been going on for a few months now, its really overdue to be done with now. he has had vile after vile of blood drawn, tests ran, 4 different medications, etc. doc said last week his allergy test was OFF the charts, soo next week he gets to get the thousand jabs into his back to see WHAT he is allergic to. hopefully he gets some sort of answer, and an easy fix.
its got to be driving him crazy feeling like his skin is crawling, he ends up with welts all over himself. just no fun

Big boy is 6!

my firecracker, my little ball of energy, my chancey-poo is now 6! goodness where did the time go? i love you chance! in this last year you have basically taught yourself to read, your a master at math, you are super smart, so amazing. your such a cuddle bug when you want to be and your making great strides in therapy, you have even gottan on a swing!! your love the small rock wall/fort at therapy and love jumping into the foam pit! im so proud of you birthday boy!

we were hoping to have his party this weekend, tomorrow actually, but due to some conflicts of schedule, we will be celebrating the 12th hopefully in a heated pool with some friends, i think it will be a blast. he is such a water baby. :)he has requested a transformer birthday cake and now im hunting down ideas to make the best transformer cake eva!!


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