the family

the family

Sunday, November 18, 2012

thankful day 14-18

Day 14- thankful for boys therapies, speech, physical and occupational therapies have helped my boys abundantly in many aspects of their life, its helped them become more confident more successful, its enabled me to help them as well and allowed me to watch them thrive. from getting Zach walking , helping micheal become more social , getting chance on a swing for the first time a year ago. day 15- thankful for our home health nurses, they allow me to rest, help me schedule Zach appointments, give medications, help me to keep Zach safe from illnesses and himself . just a few weeks ago i thought Zach had a seizure about midnight , his primary nurse drove over to listen to his lungs, check his vitals determined if we needed to go to the er or if we could stay home . she stayed with him thru the night so i could rest day 16-thankful for our mail system , as flawed as it may be, it allows me to send mail and packages to Harold overseas and allows the boys to share more with Harold than they could while he is gone otherwise . Day 17- thankful for music, sometimes it allows you to just escape even if for only a few moments. day 18- thankful for nail polish, its the closest you can get to a spa some days and sure can alter your mood, weather you want a rainbow of colors with glitter, or a shimmery pink, a bright yellow or a grassy green , i love playing with all the colors

Monday, November 12, 2012

thankful day 11-13

Today im going to include a few days since i forgot to log on and post : day 11- im thankful for cooler weather, it reminds me ball is on the way and christmas is around the corner.cooler weather also means the house is cooler and having the ac not working isn't a big issue . day 12- thankful for our military past present and future . my grandpa was in the navy and army, my dad in the navy and my loving husband was in the army for 11 years. thank you all for your sacrifices and challenges. day 13- im thankful for modern technology for being able to communicate with my hunny even though he is in afghan at the moment , those small calls and internet chats really get me thru the days.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


thankful today for soda, some days this is the only thing keeping me awake

Friday, November 9, 2012

day 9

im thankful today for lazy days, for days when there isnt any rush, no timeframes, for days when the tv can be watched, days when the dirty carpet can remain dirty, and days when laying under the cover after 7am is permitted and expected.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

day 8 of being thankful

today im thankful for each of my sons, they have forever changed me each in their own way. Mikey made me a mom, he was my first, he is my helper, he works so hard and tries to do the right thing all the time. he views the world black and white and so alot of times things seem injustice to him.i love you mikey. Chance was my second, he taught me to slow down and he also showed me that he will always be persistant for his wants and needs, he isnt a child to sit and do without, he is the squeaky wheel, always making himself heard. he is my overachiever, my rouh and roudy yet still shy and timid boy. Love you Chance. Zach is my last baby, even at 5 he is still my baby. Zach taught me gratitude, and how not to take things for granted. Zach instilled patience in me, something i still struggle with from time to time but would never have gottan what i do have without him, Zach has also shown me sheer determination , the power of prayer and that miracles happen. he has overcome some huge odds and still smiles daily. i love you Zach

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

day 7

im thankful today for being married to my best friend, i cant imagine life without him, he makes me feel like i can do anything, he supports me, helps me, loves me, lifts me up when im sad. i can sit next to him on the couch and be just as happy as going out on the town with him. i love that we can still talk for hours, after 12 years of marriage, after 3 boys, i love him more now than the day i said i do.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6

Today im thankful for humor: during good times and bad, stressful and sad, without humor life would be so blah. im so thankful that i married a very funny and entertaining person and am blessed with 3 wacky and funny boys.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5

Technology im thankful for the times we live in, for the technology we have and the ability we have to use it, from the small DVR, and cell phone abilities, such as being able to go online, chat, skype, email and more from the touch of your phone to the massive medical technology that has saved my son many times and given him the ability to live.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4

Today im thankful for waking up, for it gives me another day with my loves, another chance to make today as perfect as it can be.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3

Family: Today and all days im thankful for my wacky, crazy, loving family. i cant imagine life without them, they make me smile, they challange me, they dont let me slide by, always pushing me to be my best. Mostly they fill my heart and soul with love.

Friday, November 2, 2012

day 2

Im Thankful today for Friends, for the friends i had at childhood, the ones that were with me thru our "army journey", the friends i have made thru the nurses, therapists, special needs parents ive met thru Zach. Im thankful for the friends who came and left, the friends that couldnt stay in my life for whatever reason. The friends that have been in my life for years upon years. Im thankful for each and everyone of them because they have helped shape my life and help me become who i am. thru the love, joy, saddness, tears, successes, and failures they have been there, even those no longer apart of my life, they are still "with" me.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

day 1 im thankful for

Its novemeber 1st! so im gonna jump on the bandwagon and start my thankful days blogs:) today is the first... im thankful for the prayers to God, for all the ones he has answered and helped us thru and for all the prayers that God saw better than I and didnt answer.

still alive

goodness its been almost 10 months since i last blogged, unheard of. so lets see if i can do a small update. Harold deployed overseas almost 8 weeks ago, so we have been adapting to that. Zach turned 5 lst week!! Zach has had a viral infection since his birthday, and were almost done with it i hope Mikey has been being a rock star, he has graduated speech therapy and doing wonderful in ocupational therapy. Chance is also making huge strides in therapies and we couldnt be prouder. im looking into signing mikey and chance up for karate, im excited to suprise them and have them working towards moving up the belt colors and working towards a goal:) Halloween was nice, mikey was batman, Chance was the red bird from angry bird, and zach was Ben10. im happy its over though, were getting closer to my favorite holiday, Christmas!! yeah!! well hopefully this is the begining of my blogging coming back and im able to catch up with my blogging buddies.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


New year

Wow I completely fell off the blogger wagon hu? Lots have gone on, but ill get into that later I suppose. Here's to hoping I can start back up and get caught up with all my blogging buddies. 


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