the family

the family

Sunday, December 27, 2009

welcoming 2010

well Christmas has come and passed, hard to believe we are embarking on a brand new year already. Christmas was wonderful, Santa was VERY nice, and went a bit overboard in every aspect, but thats okay, this was our FIRST christmas together at home since Zach was born, christmas 2007 was spent in houston at texas childrens hospital, 2008 the boys and i were home but Harold was in korea, so it was VERY nice to have everyone home. especially since Zach was hospitalized only 5 days prior, we got very lucky that he was released after only a day's stay. i think its times like that that remind us not to get to comfortable with our health. not to take it for granted.

Zach was taken to the er on sunday morning with a 105.5 fever, he was then hospitalized, the flu test they ran came back positive, so they were treating him for the flu and pnemonia (once he was released and we had a follow up we learned much different news) at the follow up his pedi informed us the backup test done after the rapid flu test was negative, so zach didnt have the flu, he also didnt have a new case of pneumonia...but looking at his discharge note we learned he DOES have an infection, his white blood count was at 20 thousand, but no bacteria was found in his urine or his blood...once again zach was throwing us for a loop. the same day we had a ENT appointment, the doctor had NO bedside manner, never took in consideration ANY of zach's other health concerns, but wanted to immidatly do surgery on his ears to release the fluid and pressure, said that could be the cause of his infection. with this information we went for a second opinion, have an appointment on jan. 7th, im sure he will need tubes, but we needed to have a doctor who works with zach's other specialists, such as his pulmo, cardio, etc. and so we needed to put the surgery off for a bit. he has been a trooper though and hasnt let it bother him much.

Christmas was very nice, we woke all the boys up about 730 and opened gifts, mikey and chance got loads of nerf gun stuff, some wii games, light sabers for wii, light sabers just for play, some transformer stuff and star wars lego stuff. Zach got a small ride on car, some small toy/rattle type things, a wooden sound puzzle, and a vtech story book musical toy, DH got a tool box, a shirt, some fishing stuff to get him started, and a xbox 360. i was also very pampered this holiday (ill bask in it until the credit card bills show up. lol) i got a brand new high speed camera with a extra lense, filter, carrying backpack, an awesome foot spa and a cool mudd purse, for my birthday (yea got the gifts early) i got a awesome burts bees collection of 25 items, and a beautiful wooden cross.

like i said santa went overboard, but i think it was kinda trying to over compinsate for not being together last year. it was worth it.

the new year is approaching, ill be 28 in a lil over 3 days and in 4 days 2010 will be upon us! i have lots of hopes for this year,
~the health of everyone in the family, especially Zach
~get more finacially stable
~more organized
~more quality family time

some of my resolutions are
~ eliminate as many chemicals from our daily lives as possible
~eat less processed foods
~ cook more meals at home
~ work out more at the gym
~ loose weight
~ give up sodas
~ eat less sweets
~ in general, help me and the family get healthier

Thursday, December 3, 2009

emotional post

today has been one of those days where you sit and reflect on things even though you maybe shouldnt. one thought that keeps passin thru my thoughts...when did life get so complicated? what happend to the simpler times, the carefree times? i try but cant even really recall life BEFORE, before the specialists, before the diagnosis', before the medications and surgeries, before cords,braces, and equipment....

on most days this is fine, on most days his lil smile and happy go lucky self is enough to snap me out and make my heart smile too.... today however isnt a day that falls into the better list.

over the holiday we had visitors, inlaws (i want to say its not my family...poor hubs has to take the blame for having them as family) anyway our inconsiderate brother inlaw and his family (3 kids) came down to share the wonderful holiday with us, they stayed from wed till saturday, only leaving when we kicked them out...the entire time they were here, their kids were sick (they know how we feel about having sick people near zach, we asked them many times to get their kids away from him, to wipe the snot from their kids nose, to get their kids medicen) saturday zach began to act a bit "off" so they were asked to leave....however this was only a small part of what was to come, by sunday zach's oxygen requirements went up, he began coughing and a small fever crept up...

by monday he had a fever of 103.7, and was on 1.5 litters of oxygen, 3x the amount he had been on, i called several clinics and the appointment line for our regular pedi, no luck for same day appointments. we fianlly got in with zach's pedi tuesday, we spent 4 hours in the clinic, poor zach had to endure so much, he had labs drawn, chest xray, flu and rsv swab done...the results were 2 double ear infections, both that had ruptured, pneumonia in his right lung...the "good" lung, the chest xray was so bad that the doctor really battled with admitting him to the hospital, the only thing that saved us was having home health nursing. zach recieved a very strong antibiotic injection into his lil legs, and sent us home on oral/gtube antibiotics. zach is recieving lots of chest procussion therapy (CPT) extra breathing treatments, lots of nasal suctioning and is definatly nowhere near baseline, actually on 2 litters of o2 now :( were still struggling to keep him out of the hospital, and im still kicking myself for ever letting "those people" inside, to top it off, we have recieved NO apology, no call from them, my mother in law did call 3 days after he got sick to "check on him" but thats IT! they just not get it? honestly it angers me but it HURTS that people are that self centered that they cant see beyond theirselves. they have officially been unwelcomed to come back to our house.

please keep him in your thoughts and prayers to get well soon! i miss my happy little boy.:(


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