the family

the family

Friday, June 11, 2010


growing up that was always my motto, when i was able to get in the pool and enjoy the sun and water, that ment it was in that case today was the first day of a few years for me. lol. i took the boys on post to a pool to check it out, i had a good time, the boys enjoyed as well. chance started the pool time off by hanging on my neck, he is such a loving boy but man is it annoying to have him hanging on me always. tsk, i shouldnt say that...i love it, sometimes. but new situations always make him nervous, so the pool being a semi new thing for him was one of these senerios. but we swam for a couple hours, discovered many hours later that i didnt apply enough sunscreen for any of us, sigh.

i got good news last night, finally got a email from san antonio, we have our evaluation on july 29 and 30th, we will need to arrive and check in at 7 am....7 AM??!!! eek its soo gonna be a long day. zach will be put thru the ringer...lab work, vitals, xrays, possibly mri, ect. the second day of the eval will consist of actually seeing the 3 specialists there, the pedi ortho, pedi surgery, and pedi pulmonary. im ready to get this done and see what they say, what they think of the scoliosis, what they plan to do and how it will benifit zach. if they decide that he does qualify medically for the titanium rib placement it will be a series of surgeries, the inital one and then every 6 to 12 months he will need to go in and have the rib expanded until he hits puberty and isnt growing at the rapid rate any more.

i also have more news on zach's upcoming surgery for ear tubes, and the sedated ABR, he will also need to get his adnoids out as they are enlarged, probably causing the mouth breathing, snoring, and also blocking the ear area not allowing the fluid to drain as it should. im also going to talk to the doc on our pre-op and see if we cant get his tonsils out at the same time, just because the adnoids and tonsils typically go together. crossing fingers.


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