the family

the family

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

crazy? yea a little

october is nearly over.....again im left shaking my head and wondering where the month went. harold has been in field all this week, and should be back tomorrow night or early friday morning, i must say i am looking forward to some help, however small or large it may be. this saturday we are having Zach's birthday party, pokemon theme, im looking forward to it, we have invited therapists, nurses, and of course my bestest friend:) his cake has been ordered, was going to make it, but the guest list just grew a bit much for me and thought it would be better to order one. planning on having finger foods and lots of fun. he's turning 3, holy moly, 3!

i had my seminar tonight for the weightloss surgery, and after listening to the doc and the dietician, if i hadnt changed my mind from lapband to sleeve, prior, i would have changed it tonight. im excited. thats nuts right? to be excited for a surgery? an elective surgery....something i never thought i would do, elect to be put under the knife. thats scary! i must be insane. i just keep thinking about the end results and knowing i will have more energy, better self esteem, healthier. so yea im excited for a surgery, but dont get me wrong im terrified as well. i still have to attend a support group next week, and get a psych eval before i am officially put on the "surgery" list, but from there ive been told it could be weeks, or months, really depends on the deployment schedule for the docs, the number of other surgeries and so forth, but they could call me with only a weeks notice for surgery. eek. at that point i would start my liquid diet immediatly.

still nothing from houston about the new specialist, guess they are still ironing out the specifics for the appointment. maybe soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

october rush

holy moly, where has the month gone? its nearly november already! october has been a busy month, ill try to recap.
the boys picked zach's birthday theme, pokemon, lol and we planned out his party, was going to make a cake, but looks like we will have a full house, so we will order a cake. his party will be on the 23rd, so hard to believe he will be 3! he is doing awesome. he has been off oxygen during the day and LOVING it. he is trying to run and doing so well. this morning in therapy we did some mouth work and he tasted about 4 tiny bites of spegetti sauce. wahoo!!
Harold had bronchitis a few weeks ago, we got lucky and everyone else stayed pretty healthy, a few days of coughing and small issues, but it could have been soooo much worse, i credit alot of that to our daily intake of vitamin d. the boys take 2000iu's a day, even zachy, and me and harold take 10000iu's, harold actually stopped taking them, he forgot and then he was on steriods for an allergic reaction to some meds, so that lowered his immune system, and BAM he got sick. sigh.
we had to let our day nurse who had been here for about 2 years go, she was just worn down between school and her night job and was getting ill, cancelling shifts, coming in late, leaving early, etc. so we had a replacement, she had been here about 2 weeks, was caught sleeping twice and then today tells me she has had bronchitis for about 5 days..... um HELLO???!!! really? and your here with my baby boy?? um as of today she has been let go. looks like we may be without a day nurse tomorrow and maybe tuesday, hopefully we will get some new ones in to train and see if they will work.
we went to houston to see zach's original surgeon about his scoliosis, left there with no answers, but we are getting an appointment with the head orthopedics/scoliosis dr there, so maybe soon we will know more. was nice to be able to see a nicu nurse and the milk bank ladies. zach was hamming it up there.
ive had my dietician appointment (finally) seemed like it was taking forever, the appointment went pretty well, ive gained another 1.8lbs. WTH?! so anyway i will attend a seminar next wed, about the surgery options, though im leaning towards the sleeve now, the dietician said she preferred it and i only stopped thinking about it because i didnt think it would be covered by insurance but it is covered if done at the army hospital, so anyway after the seminar and talking with the surgeon i will have a better picture. i have another lab work to do for my iron, and then a psych eval and attend a support group meeting the last wed. of oct, and i will be set to schedule and appointment. im so excited, i know its gonna be a challenge, its a life style change, its forever, but im so ready.
mikey is going to be wolverine for halloween, chance is iron man and zach will be cookie monster, cant wait for that as well. 71 days till christmas!


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