the family

the family

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

is it friday yet?

Well im slacking again, these updates seem to be getting harder to do, the only reason I can think of is that the boys are always in to something, sigh.
Some news recently found on Zach-man, the urologist wont be able to perform the testicle drop with the ear tubes, simply because of the clinic location, gggrrr. Oh well, so then we thought we would be able to get his ear tube and ABR surgery scheduled and done soon, but the audiologist is booked until the end of june, early july. Sooooo I guess in the next month or so. The spine center in san Antonio is booked out until july for the consultations, so assuming they get all the ducks in a row from all the information they need, looks like that will be july too, and then surgery 1-4 months later. Everything seems to drag. But the up side is , things are in place and even if there is a wait, we have the process started.
Zach goes to see the cardiologist tomorrow, im excited, really hoping to hear good news about the echo that was done a couple weeks ago. Crossing fingers!
The boys are doing really well with homeschool, and I must say im so proud. Both boys are now doing double digit addition, may not seem like a big feat for a 8 year old, but chance actually grasped the concept much easier than mikey, so I am thrilled! We haven’t tried to do subtraction with double digits or carrying digits. Boys are doing well in math, along with the double digits we have done many fractions and working with money as well. Mikey is reading everything in sight, chance has the ability to read, but I think he is just unsure so he holds back. Mikey has mastered nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. With them doing so well, we have decided not to stop for summer, in addition to them probably forgetting half of what they have learned, I also think we may be able to advance more if we just stick to it. So we will probably do 3-4 days a week, all year long.
Well I know there is more to update with but im out of time for now

Monday, May 24, 2010

surgery surgery surgery

well here it is nearly june, been busy planning out surgeries for zach. yuck! when we had our last surgery with the brain bleed i really really hoped that would be the last surgery he would ever have to endure. but i guess life has other plans. luckily these arent emergency surgeries so we are able to plan them out a bit. the first one is for tubes for his ears, and a sedated ABR to test his hearing, we were hoping to have his urologist also present and get his testicles dropped, but unfortunatly that wont happen as both doctors cant get together for the surgery. the ear surgery will probably happen in the next couple weeks.
the other surgery we are planning is a more invasive one, in san antonio. its for a titanium rib. we havent had the consult yet, but judging by all the litature and other doctors he should be a prime canidate for his scoliosis. this consult will be 2 days in itself, the surgery will probably be 1-3 months after the consult. the recovery time for this is a couple weeks with no complications and since were from out of town, 1 week extra to monitor out of hospital. so needless to say it looks like we will be down in san antonio for awhile. after the inital surgery we will need to go back every 3-18 months, depending on growth, to allow them to expand the titainum rib thru a smaller surgery.
summer is also coming, its getting hoooot here. :) well its 1 am, time to hit the bed. nighty night

Monday, May 3, 2010

its May already???

so so sorry for the delay in postings, hopefully yall havent given up on us:) things here are going well. Zach is into his 2nd full week of no overnight feedings with the pump!!! he now gets 8 bolus' of 125cc thruout the day, still getting 1000cc a day, but were able to have his last feeding around 930 at night and he sleeps without the need to be connected to the pump...what a wonderful feeling. LOVE the progress. Zach has also been making progress in the standing area, he is challenging himself LOADS, he is letting go of objects and standing on his own, for good lengths of time!!! he is so proud of himself, and we are so proud of him too!!! he has even managed while standing in front of me after i let his hands go to take 1 to 2 steps towards me on his own!!!!proud mommy moments!
were preparing for hubs to head to the field soon, orinally it was from the 1st to the 23r but has been changed, so we will get him home a lil longer. we finally got zach's referral in to see the specialists in San Antonio for the titanium rib consult. Zach had his ECI annual last week and during that time they took measurements and discovered his legs are now off by 1/2inch. :( so i guess that is more proof that the scoliosis is worse.
wed we will see a new ENT and see what he thinks in reguards to his hearing, the possibility of tubes or just the sedated ABR testing. and on friday he will be seen by the pedi psychologist again and see if after reviewing all of his scans and reports and doctor notes she has anything new to tell us or help us with his head hitting. i will try to be better about updating hope all is well.


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