the family

the family

Sunday, November 30, 2008

well i have put off writing any kind of update simple due to laziness, there has been so much going on that my mind barely has time to process it and to even think of rehashing it at times is too much. were hanging in there.
ill start oldest to youngest here with the kids.
Mikey..was tested for dyslexia and i have an ARD meeting with the school tomorrow to discuss the findings, im pretty nervous about this, kinda like a momma hen i guess...the thought that i may hear something that sounds criticle of mikey makes me ready to go into "attack" mode. mikey missed two days of school last week due to a fever and a cough, poor guy. he is feeling better now thankfully. he has a busy few days with appointments, a physical on tuesday, appointment with the audiologist on the 4th, the neurologist on the 8th and a dental appointment on the 4th to i think.

Chance, bout the only thing to announce with chance is that he has learned his abc's, he can say them, and usually about 90% of the time he gets them all. he can also count to at least 50! im pretty impressed with this since he wont be 4 till Feb! Chance also got a lil under the weather the other day and had to get some breathing treatments, he had a couple asthma attacks, luckily he seems like he is doing better.

Zach is doing well, he had his ultrasound on his testicles (unsure if i even mentioned that ordeal with getting the appointment here?) but anyway we ended up getting an appointmetn at 11am not 1 am! i still cant believe they even offered the appointment at 1 am. anyway his testicles are right on the verge of dropping so maybe we wont have anything to worry about. zach also had an appointmetn with the ortho doc, they did an xray of his spine and told me he does in fact have about a 20% curve, and for now were just watching it. we go back in 6 months. zach has been doing well other than those though, he is such a joy, always so happy and content.

Harold is doing okay over there, his unit has lost their minds though, to much drinking and fighting, i think he said half of his unit went to jail last night, insane hu!?! he misses home and we miss him being here. thanksgiving was very quiet and we didnt feel like doing anything. im trying to get better for christmas, and am going to send a small tree and all the deco to him over there, im sure it will brighten his day as well.

wow tomorrow is dec 1st, ready for a new month, ready to enjoy the holidays as much as i can. hope all is well!!

BTW 46 more trash days till Harold comes home, 23 more pay periods, 9 more house payments, only 6? more holidays until he can be back home. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

more news? this time on mikey

mikey went to the speech eval. today were trying to pin point his trouble in school. school tested him for dyslexia and i havent heard back yet, i had his vision checked and its fine, the speech therapist was awesome, but going over everything she thinks either in addition to or without the auditory processing disorder he may have a visual processing disorder, he already has a sensory processing disorder and adhd and the sleep problems that he is on medication for, all of these things however are on the spectrum of autism including aspengers and ppdnos, so im suppose to get a referral to some other specialists, get hospital testing for dyslexia and get a ocupational therapist to work with mikey for his fine motor skills, he is still lacking in those areas. i wont get the report from the speech therapist for a few weeks and in december he will have a hearing test adn a specialized hearing test to check for the auditory processing disorder, and hopefully around this time we can pinpoint something and get him help and modifacations in the school system.

im about to check into lala land and out of reality...this sh#t's to hard!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

emotionally spent

goodness, today was a crazy day, thankfully we had our wonderful day nurse to help us out, she takes on so much for zach, i guess we have been getting short changed with our other nurses, but she does soooo much and helps us so much. were so happy she has been with us for about a month now.
Physical therapy FINALLY came by today, YAY! we started the eval process today, im sooo relieved to have that moving forward. she said we will most definatly need to get some adaptive equipment, a stander im sure and some other things to allow him to have the chance to do things a 12 month old would be doing. she wants him on the floor more and doing a lot of tummy time, he still doesnt tolerate it for long, but we will give it our best shot. she also said speech therapy has been approved so now we wait for a speech therapist to come on board!
Zach had his 1 year check up today, this was really one of the only times he has had a basic head to toe check up, and with HIS pediatrician, the only time we have seen him before today was in the ER when Zach went into respitory faliure back in april, he is one of the top docs here and so its hard to get an appointment with him, though he has helped me with referrals and medications over the phone alot.
Zach weighed in at 25lbs 7 ounces.....eek he is officially too big for his he swings in it now. :)zachs ears, nose and throat were checked, his lungs were listend to, and then his testicles were checked, apparently they havent dropped...why has this not been caught before now?i guess cause the attention was always on zachs breathing or the bleeding on the brain. so now we have a few options, option 1 is to have the surgery to bring them down, and normally this isnt a big surgery, but with zachs history there is concern with anestisia and a breathing tube. if we choose to do this he is at the prime time now. the doctor did say we may choose not to and this would cause him to not be able to have children of his own, but he asked if we even thought that was a possibility for his future.if we choose not to he is at greater risk for testicular cancer in his 30's. we have an ultrasound to schedule to find out exactly where the testicles are and go from there.
the next thing the doctor noticed right away, is Zach's head, it has been quite small for a long time and i have asked about it and been told to wait and see and blah blah blah. well today the answer is, his head is to small...because his brain is to small, the damaged tissue that died will not grow back. his brain is bilaterally attrophied in the front lobes, we went thru and looked at a couple ct's of his head, the doctor said it wasnt as bad as he thought and that he has seen worse, he told me he isnt a neuro but he has seen alot of films and cases and said it appeared that his balance part of the brain was pretty full, and he said that Zach may actually walk in time. (zach will be in running all over the place we know this for sure:)) he also said that zach doesnt show the spasticity that Cerebral Palsy patients usually have, and if he were to make a guess at it he would say Global Developmental Delay since his brain damage is probably kinda all over. he told me he was shocked i hadnt been told any of this or what to expect for zach and he hated to be the one to tell me this as he didnt want to upset me. but its things we have to know.
it was also time to renew our handicap parking permit, if he deemed it worthy, he immediatly marked it as perminant not temporary as it was done last time, so we shouldnt have to renew it anymore, and though its nice to have one less thing to do it was hard to read the word and not see "temporary" we talked a lil more about zach and the fact he isnt talking to us, or responding back to what we say, even with him rolling now the doctor said he is still at about a 2 month level. so after our LONG appointment the doctor sent us down to get shots, he only got zach the hep. a for now and help off on about 4 of his 12 month shots, he said he didnt want to stress him out and he could get them at 15 months. zach had fallen asleep in his stroller by the time we were ready to get the shot and he slept right thru it....bless his heart he is a tough cookie! the doctor was an awesome and caring guy and we are very blessed to have him working with zach, he was worth the wait, zach really recieved the best care today. our total time at the clinic was about 2 hours!
so were home now and exhusted. emotionally drained. and hungry

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Veterns Day

when i picked mikey up from school today, i asked him how school was and what he did, he told me that he made a picture for veterns day, but that he had left it at school, i asked him what he drew.
he told me he drew daddy and two of his soldiers and he drew that because he missed his daddy, and he then drew our couch, tv, me, chance, zach and him sitting on the couch watching daddy's video he left for them, he said we were smiling, but he quickly added we were smiling because we like the video, but not because daddy was gone, cause he dont like that.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

catching up

well its been a few days, halloween was okay, we stayed in as planned and the boys dressed up and played and ate candy. we passed out some candy to the neighbors who came by and still had plenty to eat on for a while.

the boys and i also got our flu shots this week, its a very important thing, with us having zach here at home. we are trying to minimize every contact with anything as much as we can humanly possible. i also spent over 2 hours at the eye dr yesterday for both the boys, what a nightmare, kids crying, eye drops to dialate the eyes, the waiting, the crying cause one was going second and one first, the crying over staying and waiting and then crying over was horrendious (sp)! at least we dont have to go back again for a year and their eyes are good. mikey has his hearing test with the audiologist on dec 4th, he will meet with the speech therapist next week though and see what she says. we eliminated the eyesight as the issue, still waiting to hear back from the school for the dislexia testing.

this deployment is really starting to suck, lol i mean of course it is, but the holidays are coming up and its just feeling lonely. im trying to be excited for the kids about christmas and decorating and gifts, but im not there just yet. thanksgiving...forget it not even concerned about it. christmas has always been my fav. and sad but true Harold has missed quite a few, causing us to usually celebrate way early or slightly later, usually earlier. winter time is also a bad time for depression aside from financial worries most people face, and other life struggles, but the sun isnt out as much and it can cause SAD(seasonal affected depression) in some people, im one, thankfully this year i have a jump start on that.

zach is rolling....yep i typed it, im screamin it! ZACH ROLLED, not just once or twice, 3 times in one day, at least 5 yeasterday within 15 minutes!! he is a rolling machine! he can only roll to the right from his back to his tummy and then get gets stuck, but its soooo much progress. zach will continue seeing a ocupational therapist 3 times a week and he will see a physical therapist, hopefully soon, 3 times a week....YEA!!! im still waiting to hear about a speech therapist.

our new day nurse, well she has been here with us about a month, is so amazing, we are very blessed, she is incredibly kind and sweet and great at her job. she loves zach and he adores her. its awesome. and just icing on the cake, she has become a very good friend of mine, we talk thru-out the day and watch tv, nothing to exciting i know but she has planned to attempt to help me out in the kitchen im not a good cook at all so im anxious to try and learn. we hope she stays on with us for a long time, i know she will be having their second child in may so im unsure what will take place at that time, but for now we will just count our blessings.

i miss my husband, i cant believe it hasnt even been a month! BOO!!!!! im thankful to the boys for keeping me busy, it helps with the time, but im also exhusted. so i guess its like a double edged sword. anyway time for me to get to bed. goodnight:)


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