the family

the family

Sunday, November 18, 2012

thankful day 14-18

Day 14- thankful for boys therapies, speech, physical and occupational therapies have helped my boys abundantly in many aspects of their life, its helped them become more confident more successful, its enabled me to help them as well and allowed me to watch them thrive. from getting Zach walking , helping micheal become more social , getting chance on a swing for the first time a year ago. day 15- thankful for our home health nurses, they allow me to rest, help me schedule Zach appointments, give medications, help me to keep Zach safe from illnesses and himself . just a few weeks ago i thought Zach had a seizure about midnight , his primary nurse drove over to listen to his lungs, check his vitals determined if we needed to go to the er or if we could stay home . she stayed with him thru the night so i could rest day 16-thankful for our mail system , as flawed as it may be, it allows me to send mail and packages to Harold overseas and allows the boys to share more with Harold than they could while he is gone otherwise . Day 17- thankful for music, sometimes it allows you to just escape even if for only a few moments. day 18- thankful for nail polish, its the closest you can get to a spa some days and sure can alter your mood, weather you want a rainbow of colors with glitter, or a shimmery pink, a bright yellow or a grassy green , i love playing with all the colors

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