the family

the family

Thursday, November 8, 2012

day 8 of being thankful

today im thankful for each of my sons, they have forever changed me each in their own way. Mikey made me a mom, he was my first, he is my helper, he works so hard and tries to do the right thing all the time. he views the world black and white and so alot of times things seem injustice to him.i love you mikey. Chance was my second, he taught me to slow down and he also showed me that he will always be persistant for his wants and needs, he isnt a child to sit and do without, he is the squeaky wheel, always making himself heard. he is my overachiever, my rouh and roudy yet still shy and timid boy. Love you Chance. Zach is my last baby, even at 5 he is still my baby. Zach taught me gratitude, and how not to take things for granted. Zach instilled patience in me, something i still struggle with from time to time but would never have gottan what i do have without him, Zach has also shown me sheer determination , the power of prayer and that miracles happen. he has overcome some huge odds and still smiles daily. i love you Zach

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